As Our Name Suggests, We are Community Focused. All Our Efforts Are to Help the Community and Everyone in Them, Regardless of Faith, Race, Socio-Economic Status, Sexual Orientation, History of Trauma, etc. Just As Jesus Did, We Believe That By Bringing ALL The Members of The Community Together, We Can Make a Bigger Impact and Touch More Souls. 

Your Donation is Sincerely Appreciated. Every Single Dollar You Donate Will Go Towards Our Efforts to Accomplish Our Mission to Bringing People Together, in Christ, To Unite All.

There is No Minimum Donation Amount Required. We Appreciate Every Penny You Give. If You Wish To Remain Anonymous, That is Okay. We Will Not Sell Your Information if You Choose to Share It. We Will Merely Send You a Token of Our Gratitude for Your Donation if You Do Decide to Provide Your Information.

Thank You and God Bless.

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