Does the idea of telling your story scare you?

Are you scared you’re not good enough to be an author?

Do you feel unworthy?

Do you feel like your story is unfinished, you’re not ‘at the right place in your life’ or you don’t have the proper ‘credentials’? Are you worried you don’t have the writing skills? The knowledge of the literary industry? The connections?

At Dream That Big, we understand how it feels to do something when you’re petrified. We know because we’ve been there.

You don’t have to prove yourself to us.
Your story matters, right where you’re at.
Your story is worthy of being told.

It’s simple. You bring yourself, your story, and a willingness to believe in greatness.

Your story is meant to make a positive impact on the world. (Read that again!)

No more excuses.

Dream That Big

We believe that if you’re not afraid to Dream That Big, you can achieve anything.

It doesn’t stop once your book hits the shelf…here, you go as far as you can dream.

Can you imagine your story as an award-winning series? A feature film?

Do you fantasize of speaking on stages all over the world, inspiring millions of people?

Have you thought about becoming an expert in your field and starting your own coaching program?

Making a lot of money?

With our world-class coaches and proven methods, it’s all possible.

It starts here, with you.

Your story, a solid plan, and the right team!

What are you waiting for?